M. D. Anderson's Children's Art Project

The M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas is known for world class cancer treatment for all ages.  Children that are there for treatment can become part of the Children's Art Project where their original art is reproduced as decorations and cards.  We have decided to donate space in the Marketplace and our manpower and contacts to help raise funds for M. D. Anderson by selling their cards in our store.  You can send these cards for holiday greetings or use them as gift tags on presents.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Children's Art Project Cards goes back to M. D. Anderson. (And the tax on the sale goes back to the State of Texas, as usual.)

We thank you for your business and participation in this worthy cause.


UPDATE November 2015:  M. D. Anderson has discontinued their Children's Art Project Card availability.  They will still offer cards at limited locations in limited cities, but currently El Paso was not included.  So, at this time, we still have some metal home decorations that were based on the Children's Artwork produced by the Round Top Collection.  Those will be available for your purchase while they last.  We will keep a place open in our store and in our hearts in case the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center ever decides to reinstitute the card's availability to local vendors like us.