About Us

A Quick History of Placita Santa Fe

We have a pretty interesting history here at Placita Santa Fe. This, originally, was one piece of property that was home to the Paradise Motel. It was built in the 1940's and can be seen as the rock buildings on the north side of the shopping center. During those days Doniphan was a main path between Mexico and El Paso/Las Cruces and on to Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Travelers could pull in, stay the night, and hit the road the next morning. During the 1950's it was purchased by our family and operated for about 30 years. The travelers took the freeway and business fell off over the years until the Motel was mainly used by folks from the racetrack down the road and folks that only needed a quick place to stay.

Finally, in the late 1980's the Motel was closed and converted to individual shops. That action began a business model that exists today. Shops are rented to businesses that want to sell their wares in this location. Some thrive and some do not, so there are changes as we go along. The south side of Placita Santa Fe was built to be a new collection of shops that reflect the rustic nature of the center and was eventually sold to a new owner. During the 1980's the Marketplace building in the northeast corner was constructed as a large restaurant.

Over the years, this restaurant location did well and not-so-well so the owners who rent the location changed. Along with a new restaurant came a new menu and new customers to enjoy the locale and shopping opportunities. Finally, the Marketplace was divided into two business locations. The restaurant kitchen and the dining room is one business while the shops to the left of the entrance are a different business. These shops are somewhat unique also.

For twenty years the Marketplace shops have been comprised of several different businesses that rent space to sell their products. All sales are made at a central cash register, and all shop owners take turns working in the shop. On any individual day you may meet different people depending on who works that day. Check our "Merchants" Page in the menu above to see who sells in the Marketplace these days.

Placita Santa Fe Businesses:

1. Tippi Teas – Tea Room and huge selection of teas from around the world as well as herbal solutions. Check our "Friends" page.
2. Sunland Art Gallery – Multiple Artists each have an area to display their works and exhibits. Check our "Friends" page.
3. Mercantile Avenue – Furniture and decore emphasizing simple living.
4. Antique Traders – A central entry leads to ten rooms of hidden treasures from 7 different vendors. The stock changes often and “just looking around” is encouraged.
5. Fiori – a full service florist with unique designs and capabilities. Check our "Friends" page.
6. MarketPlace – see the rest of this website

Candy Mayer is a local artist who was kind enough to illustrate our patio!

Check her website through our "Friends" page.  She's Great!