Valentine’s Day is on the way!

The Hearts are here

Valentine's is February 14th and we have a huge selection of Valentine decorations and gifts available in all price ranges.  This year you might want to remember people who take care of you.  How about a small gift for your doctor's office or dentist's office?  Moms and Dads get gifts from each other and from their children, but how about your children's teachers or babysitters?  Maybe you have a special neighbor that you missed at Christmas?  Give them a candle, a small heart, or an angel so they know you are thinking of them.  Back in the day there were packages of valentine cards you had to tear apart and put in student's decorated shoeboxes.  We have those cards reproduced as metal decorations or magnets, how cute!

Remember that gift packaging is always free so stop here on your way and we can fix you up.  So stand tall and let cupid take his best shot!  Happy Valentine's day!