Welcome Tamajesy Roar

Come See Tamara's Work

The Marketplace at Placita Santa Fe welcomes Tamara and her unique style and creativity.  Come in the door, turn left for the shops, and look to your left to find Tamara's collection of ice-dyed clothing and accessories, hand made jewelry, cute gifts and decorations and more.  She makes greeting cards, paintings, knit caps, heck, I can't even list it all.  There are photos here on the website, but you miss the texture and feel if you don't come look in person.  Do you know what "felting" is?  Check you the beautiful bowls in a bunch of different colors.  How long does it take to make one of those?  I need to ask Tamara.

We are very please that Tamara has joined us.  Her creations add a unique flare to the gift choices and decorations you will find in the Marketplace.