Back in the Saddle, Again

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Pumpkins are everywhere!  As I settle in the old computer chair again, finally, I notice that the MarketPlace has embraced fall and is filling up with pumpkins, scarecrows, and jack o’ lanterns in advance of cooler weather making a comeback.  Hopefully you will come see that we have some new merchants with new gift ideas to get you ready for the holidays.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are quickly approaching, you can’t slow them down by complaining.  If you enjoy decorating your house for the season (maybe for you, but probably for your kids to enjoy) then realize us seasonal merchants want to have the new products out and on display so you can decorate your table or front yard with time to enjoy it before the actual holiday zips by.

What if you are not a regular crastinator, but have gone pro?  Then know that we will prepare your last minute gift with a bag and tissue appropriate for giving when you pull up in the driveway.  PROcrastinators enjoy a wide selection and price range of gifts that will be ready to present as soon as you walk out the door.  No extra charge, and we won’t tell anyone.  Just get yourself in here before the party so we can help.

Speaking of helping for the holidays, we have a few items that live on from season to season and allow you to be a thoughtful gifter without stress at all.  One good selling item, for example is a large sign that reads “HOME” and above the “O” is a magic hook.  If you look around the sign, you will see what we call “charms” that can be hung on this hook in place of the “O.”  So, for instance, you could give your sister a “HOME” sign to hang in her kitchen with a round turkey instead of an “O.”  Your brain will see it as HOME, but it will be a Thanksgiving thing.  Charms can be a pumpkin for fall, a heart for Valentine’s day, a snowy truck picture, a little rabbit, etc.  Every season your gift could be a charm for that season.  Ha!  Brilliant!  Or, at least pretty smart.  Take a look, you might like it.